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My name is Zoe Sidhom, and I am a 


Currently working as a freelance experiential designer, I work to connect individuals to unique and invigorating stories, creating memorable experiences in the process. With my background in graphic design, print production, experiential design, and fine art,  I'm all about looking into how I can develop my skills and discover new design possibilities. From laying out an exhilarating deck and curating thoughtful mood boards, to 3D modeling and rendering immersive designs,  I approach every project with a sense of curiosity & excitement to learn something new. 

Fueled by one too many espresso shots, I will relentlessly get my hands dirty in any design medium that is presented to me. Whatever the project at hand needs, I have an aptitude to learn how to do.  That said, I am always looking for new opportunities and would be thrilled to work with you!

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Photoshop / SketchUp / Lumion / AutoCAD / InDesign / Illustrator / Rhinoceros / Microsoft / Windows & Mac OS X / Watercolor/ Oil Paint/ Acrylic Paint/ Model Making/ Drafting/ Digital Fabrication/ Graphic Design/ Hand Sketching/ Art Direction


Thrifting / Spin classes / Sock collecting / Beauty /

Buying plants I don't need / Coffeeshop-going / Smiling / Fashion

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Orange County, CA 


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