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boyle heights, CA

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Prompted to design a youth center to inspire and cultivate children's interest in the arts, this design serves to allow for a space for students to learn in a safe, but interesting environment. Located in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, the focus of this design was to create an effective, but innovative form of security.

The screen surrounding the structure was a solution to creating an open environment, allowing room for the students to safely play outdoors, while still remaining in an enclosed, secure space. 

Softwares used: autocad, rhino, laser cutter, and photoshop


Screen was constructed and designed with intent of each cut circle being placed at an angle in response to maintaining a well shaded environment

rome, italy



Prompted to design a research center for students open to the public, this space must include an exhibit, library, classrooms, and residential spaces. As a solution, a space that allows for multiple roof terraces was designed, optimizing public appeal.

Softwares used: autocad, photoshop, and watercolor by hand

Ground FloorPlan.png


This design was completed during a 6 month study abroad program in Rome, Italy

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 5.14.07 PM.png


arts center

bakersfield, CA

With a drive to reinvent the integrity and appeal of downtown Bakersfield, this design focuses on capturing the unique identity of the arts community within the city, providing a space for local artists and practice and display their work.

Designed in collaboration with Cory Peterman. All work shown was produced solely by me.

Softwares used: revit, sketchup, autocad, lumion, and photoshop


This was a 6 month collaborative effort, with focus on producing a design to inspire change in downtown Bakersfield

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 6.41.21 PM.png